1. Are there any Wifi Enabled Devices permitted on the program?

All IEXP 360 programs are technology-free programs, which means there are NO Wifi-enabled devices permitted on the program’s entire duration. Wifi-enabled devices cause major distraction not only for the participant carrying it but also for other participants, severely impacting the learning process.

2. Can parents carry Wifi enabled devices?

All the Wifi enabled devices are collected when the program begins since IEXP 360 is a technology-free program. However, parents would get their respective devices for 1 hour at the day’s end away from the periphery of children. We recommend parents not to use Wifi-enabled devices for the duration of the program as it may negatively impact the personal experience of both – parent and child.

3. The parent cannot make it but wants to send the child on the Way of the Warrior program? Is that okay?

IEXP 360 strongly and highly recommends that both parent and child come for the program together. The structure and flow of the activities are designed for both parent and child. If a child does come alone, then there is a strong likelihood of feeling left out when seeing other children bonding with their respective parents.

Please contact us if you are planning on sending your child alone for this program.

4. Can a Parent get two children on the way to the Warrior program?

Yes. The parent can get two children on the program provided they are between the age group of 12-17, the same gender, physically and mentally ready to participate in all activities.

Please contact us to gain further details.

5. Can the whole family participate in the Way of the Warrior program?

IEXP 360 programs are based on the science of Experiential Education; hence it is not a holiday, trip, tour or a family outing. If a family comes, it will defeat the purpose of the program not only for the parent-child but also negatively affect the experiences of other participants. For that reason, we only allow one parent to participate in the Way of the Warrior.

6. What devices are permitted on the program?

Participants are more than welcome to bring a camera to take photographs. They are also welcome to bring kindles as well to catch up on reading in their free time. However, please note that possession of these devices is their responsibility.

7. How will IEXP 360 communicate program updates?

The communication protocol is to have blogs /write ups every day or two. We encourage participants to write blogs to give a more authentic sense of what is happening on the ground and then our on ground team uploads them. General group pictures are also uploaded regularly, keeping in mind the internet connectivity of the place.

8. What is the food situation on programs?

IEXP 360 provides wholesome and nutritious meals to keep participants’ energy level high because the program days are super engaging. Healthy snacks are also offered at regular intervals in the day to ensure participants are well fed. All dietary needs are accommodated and Jain, Vegan meals are also provided.

IEXP 360 does not give junk, unhealthy food and highly “discourages” parents from sending or carrying snacks as it gets in the way of the participant(s) consuming healthy food.