Realizing the unlimited potential of the human ability and consciousness to bring transformative change by combing Experiential Education and Indian Cultural Ethos.


IEXP 360 is committed to creating an ecosystem
where the science of Experiential Education thrives and positively impacts the chain of students, parents, and multitude of communities we engage.



Sandesh is an India travel expert with extensive experience traveling to and exploring various parts of India. Through adventurous activities like cycling, trekking, kayaking, and rafting, he has spent significant time in India and gained a deep understanding of the country’s culture, history, cuisine, and geography.

Sandesh has a keen eye for identifying the best destinations, attractions, and experiences for travelers of all interests and budgets seeking genuine cultural immersion. 

In addition to providing travel advice and itinerary planning, Sandesh is the director of an institute that is globally one the largest providers of IATA Foundation courses. 

Overall, Sandesh is a valuable resource for anyone planning a program to India, whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler looking to explore new regions and experiences. His expertise and insights make a program to India more meaningful and hassle-free.

India Travel Expert


Samrat started his journey in Experiential Education in India. Upon realizing the tremendous potential and promise, he moved to the US to challenge and improve his skills by working, exploring, and studying the different facets of Experiential Education.

He completed his Master’s in Experiential Education from Minnesota State University, Mankato, focusing on meaningful travel immersion and outdoor learning. He is a NOLS Trip Leader India graduate, Wilderness First Responder, and Risk Management Certified.

He is also a Gap Year Association’s Standard and Accreditation Committee member and a strong advocate for Fair Trade Learning. Having a deep understanding of Western Values and Indian Cultural Ethos, Samrat, through iEXP 360, is keen to deliver Safety Conscious, World Class Experience that benefits everyone in the ecosystem.

Founder & Program Designer

Krishna Patel

“Ghar se bhaago,” a Himalayan saying meaning “Run away from home,” has been her mantra for the past several years. She has spent this time leading a semi-nomadic life, being an Outdoor Educator. Her journey began in Pune- a city famous for its historic forts and adventurous people.

This road took her to lead programs in US and Australia, where among many crucial things, she found the motivation to pursue higher studies. She holds a Master’s in Outdoor and Experiential Learning from the University of Cumbria, UK.

She has done a Trip Leader India course from NOLS and is a certified Wilderness First Responder and now designs and leads world-class programs for iEXP 360.

Krishna Patel
Program Designer

Dave Dennis

Dave is the co-founder and Executive Director of Cornerstone Safety Group. He is also the founder and President of Resilient Solutions, a risk management and emergency response consulting firm serving travel and experiential education organizations since 2011.

He has a risk management master’s degree from Norwich University, has spent the past 27 years in domestic and international travel operations, and has advised over 60 organizations in risk management practices and training.  Dave is also the Secretary of the Gap Year Association’s Standards and Accreditation Committee. He has spent time as an ambassador with the Responder Alliance, focusing on emotional well-being and the stress continuum.

Dave brings his expertise to iEXP 360 to support delivering seamless experiences in the Indian subcontinent. 

Dave Dennis
Cornerstone Safety Group

Ethan Knight

Ethan Knight is a board advisor with extensive experience in the field of experiential international education. He graduated from Catlin Gabel high school and Willamette University, earning a bachelor’s Degree in English & Philosophy with minors in Environmental Science and Spanish.

Ethan is the founder of his own gap year organization and a separate nonprofit called Carpe Mundi, which aims to open access to credit and federal FAFSA for Pell-eligible youth in Portland. He has led groups and developed programs in India, Bali, Central America, New Zealand, East Africa, Indonesia, South America, and Central America.

Ethan is a passionate advocate for the gap year movement, taking his own gap year to India, Nepal, Tibet, and Thailand. He recently retired from the Gap Year Association, which he founded in 2012, and continues co-chairing the Standards and Accreditation Committee.

Ethan Knight
Board Advisor




“Samrat demonstrates admirable leadership and interpersonal communication skills. He has shown that he is quite capable of working collaboratively with others or working independently. He has always revealed himself to be friendly, tactful, collegial, and professional. He holds true to his principles and ethics and speaks up when he observes something that appears to be unjust.”

Dr. Julie Carlson, Ed.D

“Samrat is an excellent student and often raised interesting thought provoking questions during seminar discussions. He is a very hard working individual, extremely dedicated to the field of Experiential Education. During his teaching episodes in my classes, students raved about his teaching skills and professionalism. His teaching skills are excellent and so is his ability to utilize the theory and practices of experiential education.”

Scott Wurdinger, Ph.D

“During his time at Minnesota State University, Mr. Samrat Urval was an outstanding graduate student. He excelled in all of his endeavors here and was an asset to our graduate community. I predict great success for him as he moves into his continued professional career.”

Dr. Jasper Hunt, Ph.D

Thank you so so much for making this trip AMAZING. Thank you for making plans that really looked out for us and gave the most memorable experience. You really listened to what we wanted and were able to adapt to how we were day to day.

Emma Inge

Student at Linfield University


This trip more than exceeded expectations. We so appreciate the time, effort and care that went into its planning and execution. Samrat is our hero! We had such a rich experience, in all aspects. A thousand thanks.

Dawn Nowacki

Professor of Political Science at Linfield University



• Member of the Standards and Accreditation Committee with GAP YEAR Association 

• Will be open to support Clery reporting and access to contact documentation 

• NOLS Risk Management