Meghna, a field leader for iEXP 360 and a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR) began her journey in the world of outdoor adventure as a Hiking Guide in the Western Ghats in 2016. Driven by her passion for exploration, she soon ventured into the Himalayas, excelling in roles such as Trek Leader, Outdoor Leader, and Mountain Guide.

During her remarkable seven-year tenure in outdoor leadership, Meghna has developed a profound skill set and expertise. She is certified in the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC), Advanced Mountaineering Course (AMC), and as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). These qualifications highlight her dedication to and proficiency in the field, especially in high-altitude trekking.

In addition to her field experience, Meghna has contributed her knowledge and skills to various esteemed outdoor initiatives and education programs. Her primary specialization is high-altitude trekking, where her passion and expertise shine through.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Meghna enjoys various activities that reflect her multifaceted personality. She is enthusiastic about rock climbing and rafting and finds solace in reading, gardening, and expressing her love for animals. This blend of interests showcases Meghna’s deep connection with the outdoors and her dedication to a life rich in adventure and learning, making her an integral part of the iEXP 360 team.