Vikrant, a field leader for iEXP 360 and a certified Wilderness EMT, has over a decade of rich experience facilitating outdoor education and adventure programs. His expertise includes leading backpacking trips and guiding high-altitude hikes, catering to diverse age groups in various cultural settings.

He holds an impressive array of certifications, including Wilderness EMT, Trip Leader India, Leave No Trace Educator, and Backpacking Instructor from NOLS in the USA and India. Further enhancing his skillset, Vikrant is certified in Emotional Intelligence in the Outdoors from HK/ His mountaineering credentials include Basic, Advanced, Method of Instruction, and Search and Rescue Certifications from India.

Vikrant’s professional journey is marked by significant contributions to various esteemed organizations, where he has utilized his hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, and mountaineering skills. His dedication and passion for outdoor education have positioned him as a valuable asset, allowing him to share his knowledge and expertise impactfully.

At iEXP 360, Vikrant applies his vast experience and diverse skill set to lead and inspire participants, ensuring they enjoy the thrills of outdoor adventure and learn valuable skills and environmental ethics. His role as a field leader involves guiding adventures and fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world among those he leads.