Vibhor Thorat, who also holds a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and philosophical insight to his role. As an Executive Chef, he runs a successful sourdough Neapolitan pizza venture, reflecting his passion and creativity in the culinary arts.

Vibhor’s journey in the culinary world is marked by significant training in Michelin-starred kitchens across diverse locations such as the Maldives, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. This experience has honed his skills and enriched his perspective on food as an art form.

His deep curiosity extends beyond the kitchen, encompassing a broader interest in art and philosophy. Vibhor’s philosophy of life centers around the core values of love, kindness, responsibility, and humor, which he believes encapsulate the essence of living. This holistic approach to life influences his culinary creations, infusing them with flavor, meaning, and emotion.

A staunch advocate for experiential education, Vibhor upholds that learning should be a continuous and diverse journey. His belief in the power of learning in various forms and settings resonates with his multifaceted career and interests. His role as a WFR adds another layer to his diverse skill set, showcasing his commitment to safety and well-being in his culinary and outdoor endeavors.

Vibhor’s unique blend of culinary talent, philosophical depth, and dedication to continuous learning make him a multifaceted individual, enriching the experiences of those who engage with his work and ideals.