Faizan Baksh, or “Fez,” is an innovative field leader at iEXP 360, where he blends his near-miss engineering career with his passion for filmmaking and immersive experiences. Known for his exceptional storytelling abilities, Faizan excels in creating engaging narratives through compelling brand advertisements, documentaries highlighting social enterprises, or tours offering travelers an insightful, non-touristy perspective of cities.

At iEXP 360, Faizan’s unique approach as a storyteller enriches every project, making each experience both educational and memorable. His transition from engineering to the creative realm of filmmaking underscores his adaptability and creativity, skills he utilizes to enhance his work’s visual and technical quality.

Faizan’s role extends beyond just guiding tours; he’s an educator and a visionary, bringing depth and perspective to every journey. Outside work, his love for exploration and photography keeps him constantly pursuing new stories to capture and share, solidifying his status as a critical asset to the iEXP 360 team.