Anindita, a field leader for iEXP 360 and a certified Wilderness First Responder, has her roots in the bustling suburbs of Mumbai. Despite her urban upbringing, she has always felt a deeper connection with nature, particularly water, leading her to jest that her birth as a terrestrial being was a whimsical oversight by nature.

Her love for the outdoors was kindled during her annual childhood visits to her family’s home in the West Bengal countryside, where she eagerly awaited the cold plunges in the Hooghly River. This early connection with water blossomed into a lifelong passion, guiding her to pursue and achieve her PADI Divemaster certification. Anindita’s diving experiences are extensive, with over 200 dives across South East Asia. Additionally, she is certified in Stand Up Paddleboarding and Swift Water Rescue, further solidifying her expertise in water-based activities.

Beyond her aquatic pursuits, Anindita is dedicated to her role as an educator. She is committed to blending Outdoor and Environmental Education with 21st-century skills, focusing on nurturing young minds toward a conscious and sustainable future.

Anindita’s cultural background is rich, and she has several years of training in Hindustani music and Bharatanatyam, reflecting her deep appreciation for traditional art forms. Her interests also extend to good cinema and a fondness for single-origin coffee, showcasing her multifaceted personality that goes beyond her outdoor adventures. Her diverse skills and interests make her a dynamic field leader at iEXP 360, where she contributes significantly to creating enriching and conscious learning experiences.