Aman Joshi is a dynamic facilitator with over eight years of experience in experiential learning, transformative travel, and behavioral transformation. He has successfully led over 700 sessions and specializes in creating immersive travel and learning experiences for various groups, including educational institutions and corporate organizations. His methods integrate practical activities like adventure sports, astronomy, and cultural interactions, focusing on holistic personal and professional development.

Aman’s journey includes a self-directed two-year program at Swaraj University, where he explored interests ranging from theatre to adventure sports, further enriching his facilitation techniques. Notably, he is also a certified Wilderness First Responder, adding a vital layer of safety and expertise to his outdoor programs.

His approach as a self-motivated learner allows him to design unique and effective learning environments, aiding organizations in creatively maximizing their human potential.

Outside work, Aman is passionate about life’s diverse experiences, from chasing natural phenomena to engaging in cultural explorations. This passion reflects his commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.