Piran Elavia, the head of Northeast India Operations and an expert program designer at iEXP 360, is a devoted nature lover and trekker with a deep-rooted passion for the Indian Himalayas. His trekking journey began at the age of sixteen, marking the start of his lifelong connection with nature.  After a seven-year stint in the […]


Prabha, the head of Nepal Operations and an expert program designer at iEXP 360 has had an inspiring journey from being Nepal’s pioneering female hydropower engineer to a visionary in experiential travel. Her shift from engineering to travel was driven by her deep passion for crafting unique experiences, marking her commitment to redefining travel in […]


Divya, the Head of South India Operations and an expert program designer at iEXP 360 brings over 15 years of rich experience in outreach education and student travel. Her journey began after earning a Master’s in Tourism Marketing, which led her to make significant contributions to India’s Conference and Event Management Industry. Eventually, her career […]

Ethan Knight

As a Board Advisor for iEXP 360, Ethan Knight brings a wealth of experience in experiential international education. A graduate of Catlin Gabel High School and Willamette University, he holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy, complemented by minors in Environmental Science and Spanish. Ethan’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his founding of a gap […]

Dave Dennis

Dave, the Risk Advisor for iEXP 360, has an extensive risk management and emergency response background. He is underpinned by his roles as co-founder and Executive Director of Cornerstone Safety Group and founder and President of Resilient Solutions. His work at Resilient Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in risk management for travel and experiential education […]

Krishna Patel

Krishna, the head of India Schools and an expert program designer at iEXP 360, has embraced the Himalayan saying “Ghar se bhaago,” meaning “Run away from home,” as her life’s guiding principle. Her adventurous spirit led her to a semi-nomadic lifestyle as an Outdoor Educator, a journey that began in Pune, a city renowned for […]


Samrat, the founder, Director, and visionary behind iEXP 360, embarked on his journey in Experiential Education in India. Recognizing the field’s vast potential, he ventured to the US to refine his skills further by working, exploring, and studying various aspects of Experiential Education. His academic pursuits led him to Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he […]


Sandesh, the head of India Operations and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) at iEXP 360 is a seasoned travel expert specializing in India’s diverse and vibrant landscapes. His extensive travels have taken him through various terrains, where he engaged in adventurous activities like cycling, trekking, kayaking, and rafting. These experiences have enriched his understanding of […]