Ancient Indian Philosophy

Lord Shiva is known for his knowledge and infinite wisdom_IEXP 360 Ancient Philosophy

The nature of philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions about knowledge, existence, values, reason, mind, language etc.

The dark underbelly of Virtual Learning

Disadvantages of Virtual Learning

Given the pandemic, it has disrupted many things. One can only imagine the test of mental toughness when the line between personal and professional life begins to get blur.

Conservation and Preservation in India

Conservation and Preservation in India

There is a crying need for help for the up-gradation of conservation and preservation laws in India. There needs better allocation of resources, increased budget, stricter laws, improved leadership..

Spiritual Immersion in India

Spiritual Programs In India are powerful because of ancient Indian cultural practices. Religion and Spirituality are intertwined

There exists deep-rooted spiritualism in Indic religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism, which has its origins in India.

Developing a Hybrid Mind

Hybrid mind is the need for the hour

Health is not the absence of pain and illness but a culmination of physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual fitness

Reconnecting with our Biological Time

Connecting to Biological Time

The experience of nature in a neurological sense can help strengthen the activities in the right hemisphere of the brain and restores harmony to the functionality of the brain as a whole.

Nature’s ability to Restore Attention

Being in Nature provides numerous benefits

Nature simultaneously calms and focuses the mind, and at the same time offer a state that transcends relaxation which allows the mind and the brain to detect beneficiary patterns that it would otherwise miss out on.