As a Program Provider with Experiential requirements, most details are not certain until they have occurred. Planning an itinerary, liaising with the right experts, facilitating a great project, and managing risks need an on-ground expert. There is a need for a certain degree of uniformity and weave the right balance between luxury, educative, and rustic program points that will be a positive trajectory the group’s sensitivities and learning.

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IEXP 360 is a one-stop-shop solution and provides 360-degree support for the Program Provider’s experiential requirements. We work in tandem to tailor-make a program that is best suited for the group – filling that Institutional Void as we are cognizant of the Program Provider’s goals,
on-ground needs, and preferences of instructors/leaders/teachers to optimize their facilitation. The program elements like planning a fantastic itinerary and working with the right experts so your participants can be fully engaged depending upon the group’s dynamics. IEXP 360 deep dives into the micro details to provide you with top-notch risk assessment and be the on-ground expert to bring a holistic program solution.



Commonly happening to Program Providers where they share program requirements with an Organization/Vendor/NGO. They respond, saying they understand and will take care of it all. When the group actually reaches there, it turns out to be completely different, under-promised, a waste of valuable time, energy and resources.
Furthermore, the group members get bored, disengaged, and everything around feels mechanical and monotonous.

IEXP 360 understands and is extremely conscious of these situations as we exist to minimize circumstances mentioned above.










1. Why do IEXP 360 Solutions specialize in Experiential Travel?

In our experience, we have noticed that what is often promised on paper by vendors does not get translated entirely on the ground when groups arrive. This is mainly due to lack of understanding on the vendor’s side because they cognitively cannot comprehend the specific experiential and niche requirements of Program Providers. We have observed that foreign groups have multiple challenges and hurdles in trying to traverse reach their group’s goals and objectives. Our expertise in Experiential Education looks to fill that institutional void as we are conscious of what Program Providers require.

2. What expertise does IEXP 360 offer?

IEXP 360 is a one-stop-shop solution where we work as consultants and field support for Program Providers. We are the on-ground expert to help plan itineraries, design programs using problem-based, place-based, project-based, nature-based learning, create thematic programs, liaise with the right experts, find the appropriate projects, and support risk management. Our expertise stems from our foundational background in Experiential Education and experience working with Summer and GAP students. 

3. Who would benefit best from the offered service?

Our services are best suited for Program Providers who conduct School travel, College Travel, Summer Programs, Winter Programs, GAP Programs, Research Program, Service Learning organisation(s) that wish to travel to India.  

4. What is the best time to travel to India?

India is a vast country with primarily three seasons and all kinds of terrain. Every season and 

geography has a multitude of activities and projects a group can undertake. Any time of the year is a great time to travel in India and the program design we work towards with you would vary from place to place. 

5. How do we sign up for the IEXP service?

 Connect with us on email and let us take it forward.

6. What does the cost look like?

The cost would depend on the extent of your stay, the range of the pricing tier chosen, the activities we recommend and decide together. The program is customised to the Program Providers needs to help achieve group objectives. As soon as we meet the airport’s travel group and drop them back, they have unparalleled support to fulfil their group requirements.

7. Are International Airfares and Visas, including in the cost?

No. International Airfares and Visas are additional and not borne by us. We can recommend you the flight options and support your visa requirements if need be.

8. Are Domestic Airfares included in the cost?

Domestic Airfares can be included in the cost upon Program Provider’s request. We use a trusted travel agent for all our domestic airfare bookings, and the cost of the airfare will include commission charges of the travel agent.  

9. What will the food be on the program?

I-Exp 360 ensures that nutritious meals are provided to you by all the program vendors you chose to engage through us. Depending on the location and culture, we also make arrangements to give the local delicacies. However, besides the program vendors, you are responsible for getting your meals. We make recommendations to best meal combination depending on which part of the country you are. 

10. How soon do we contact I-EXP 360 Solutions?

The earlier (a couple of months before your travel or at least a month), we begin working together to understand better your group objectives and dynamics in a more comprehensive way. We can plan, process and recommend in a much more effective way with enough time to explore multiple options.