Easy and Economic Travel

India has the most and best-connected Rail network in the world. The experience of traveling on a train in India is unique because as you move in maximum comfort, you also get to witness some of the most beautiful landscapes. Reading a book, sipping on chai and interacting with other fellow passengers are some of the simple pleasures you enjoy.

The third-largest Road network in the world is in India. There are Expressways, National & State Highways, District & Village Roads which offer advantages from Speed, Convenience and Beauty, making it a memorable experience on your travels. India boasts the highest motorable road in the world that stands at 16,000 feet above sea level.

India has a significant number of airports. Being in a single time zone, air travel is less than 3 hours in any direction, making it convenient to use this option. By the year 2024, India is to get 100 new airports in strategic locations to give a significant boost to air travel.

India is also one of the most economical places to travel in the world. You can do so much and while keeping a reasonable budget